Butch on Sports Podcast
Butch on Sports Podcast
Butch, Dave and Friends - TGSS Monday nights - Ep. 1

Monday nights of The Game are back, hosted by Butch Davis and David McCaig Jr. Butch, Dave and Friends debuts as the new Monday night show of The Game talking the same format that you have become to know and love since 2015, that being the twin Soo’s only Local, Regional and National Sports Show.

Dave opens the show talking all needed local bits from SSM Ontario and Michigan, where at the 2nd half of the show, Butch Davis from Butch on Sports joins Dave to talk Detroit Tigers, Detroit Lions and the World Cup.

Monday nights with Butch, Dave and Friends will be aired podcasted every Monday, by 8pm. Episode 2 will be next Monday, December 19, 2022. Make sure to follow all things “The Game” to not miss uploads of Butch, Dave and Friends, or any contents of “The Game”.

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